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Who We Are

Founded in 1965 by Sir Richard Hopkins, Trinity Courier quickly became a leading parcel delivery service in Europe. The company was famously started by a 19 year old Sir Richard from a telephone box near Shoreditch, with the vision of creating a truly independent logistics provider. Trinity Courier rapidly expanded, building depots across Europe, and earned the prestigious Queens Award for Industry in the UK on two occasions.

In the 1980s Trinity acquired a freight company, closely followed by an international express courier operator, greatly expanding the range of services provided. The following decade, Trinity bought Seabourne Express Parcels, allowing us to enhance ourselves to freight and express courier operations.
More recently, Trinity Courier has expanded through further acquisition. This approach has enabled us to provide high levels of service and experience across the globe, in all areas of distribution.

In 2008, Trinity Courier made the acquisition of Air Action Group, providing comprehensive and reliable service on road, sea and air freight, as well as courier and mail fulfillment. In the following year, Trinity Courier acquired leading South African business InXpress. This enabled our expansion into the growing South African market, and the reinforcement of our emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness.

Trinity’s most recent expansion saw the acquisition of UK based Gazelle Couriers. Focusing on two revenue streams including same-day courier and 3PL services, this acquisition was critical to Trinity’s objective of providing a broad range of services in order to meet all of our customers’ needs.
We have seen huge developments in the last five decades and plan to expand our operations further over the coming years, always striving to provide the highest level of service and tailored solutions to our customers.


What We Do

We ensured that process of booking a courier has changed; it is no longer a lengthy task of making numerous calls to different courier companies to request a quote. Booking a courier with Trinity Courier is predominantly carried out online. Trinity Courier has been quick to adapt to our ever-changing digital landscape, meeting the needs of mobile and desktop consumers as well as e-commerce and online retailers.

Offering end users access to instant online payments, parcel tracking, delivery notifications, and the convenience of door to door collection and delivery to almost any destination in the world.

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Customer Satisfication Tools

Technology has revolutionized customer service. The fact is that customer service landscape had been drastically altered due to the introduction of many technological tools. In the era of personalization and digital service, enterprises have no other option than to embrace technology to improve customer service.

Trinity Courier follows seven customer satisfaction tools and technologies that can result in improved customer experience and profitability.

Compliance Solutions

We provide companies and institutions with smart enterprise solutions and assist them in successfully obtaining and keeping a “Gold Standard” in compliance and integrity.

Your Advantages at a glance:

• One-stop-shop compliance solution
• Control company risks
• Transparency, efficiency, and planning reliability
• Automated, documented, and audited-proofed business processes
• Competitive advantages and well-established reputation through high level of compliance
• Proof of compliance due diligence
• Full service corporate compliance & risk

Management & Reporting

Management reporting systems capture the sorts of data needed by a company’s managers to run the business. The sorts of financial data that are presented in annual reports typically are at their core.

Such detailed financial information is compiled by accounts, Certificated Public Accounts (CPAs), and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMAs).

Freight Payment Options

Trinity Courier offers you a new way to do it: now you can pay for your shipment 100% online, even with credit cards. Your payment will be held in escrow with Fleet until you confirm that the shipment is delivered, this way you’re guaranteed there would be no surprise charge and freight forwarders are encouraged to provide you with their best customer service.

This method has been favored by many shippers as well as freight forwarders. Check out Fleet and try it yourself!